Disaster Recovery

Over the years we have come across many businesses who have been reliant on a third party to look after their website hosting, email hosting, etc. This is fine until something goes wrong!

I recently received contact from a local company, initially asking about a website. On further investigation the hosting service and the site were displaying error 501 (Server error) rather than their own nationwide site that I assume was there previously, meaning potential clients could not even see them. The hosting was ridiculously slow and it transpired it was hosted in the USA rather than in the country home to their business (UK). It then transpired that the hosting service they were using was due to be terminated within the month, with no option to continue it. This would have an effect on their website as well as all of their email, meaning that their clients would not be able to contact them online. but it gets worse – They were paying twice for hosting and weren’t completely aware of which they needed and which they didn’t. They reported on times they’d try to access email and emails would be missing, problems sending and receiving. A complete disaster!

We immediately got started on a basic website, their space on the internet so to speak. We then arranged hosting on our own custom platform housed in a UK data centre, set up their emails and everything else involved (DNS etc etc).

The result, disaster averted and a much faster reliable service is in place.

Together with our second to none 24/7 support given throughout the process we ensured they could continue working throughout.

What you can take from this:

  • Things do go wrong, and you need a plan in place in case it does!
  • Getting cheap or free advice on how to host a website doesn’t always pay off.

Hosting with companies who sell rather than deal with the technical side can cause more problems than you want to deal with.

Get advice from someone who really knows, I’m not saying it has to be us, we’re relatively small in the grand scheme of things, but always make sure someone is on hand who can guide you with technical expertise and use their knowledge to put things right if ever need be.

As always, give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to assist you with your IT requirements.

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