Desktop PC Repair Service

At Northumberland IT we repair and upgrade all PC brands. Unlike other places we repair them in store, meaning that your repair is done faster, cheaper, and is more personal. A friendly knowledgeable technician is always on hand should you have any questions or simply require advice before, during or after the repair.

Just like your car, a regular service to your desktop PC can keep it running smoother, faster and more efficient. It will also last you longer.

Virus or Malware removal

The most common issues we see are viruses and malware. The computer may be running slow, the wrong pages may be coming up while browsing the internet, adverts are popping up at startup or while using the computer. In some cases there don’t even appear to be any major symptoms. Around 70% of computers that come through our door are found to have some form of malware or virus, and quite often it’s been hiding away for quite some time. We are extremely thorough in removing even the most stubborn infections from computers.

Data Recovery

Should you find your computer is not working or your files are missing, in over 90% of cases we can recover documents, data and photographs even from an apparently dead computer or external drive. Good advice would be to shut down the system as further use will cause more damage and decrease the chances of a successful recovery. Should you have been to some other computer shop, or a mobile ‘technician’ has lost or deleted your files, we can almost always get recover them for you.

Computer overheating

Hear those fans in your computer? The help keep things cool. Should they fail then your computer will overheat. Modern computers protect some of the components, forcing your computer to power off or give a warning. Should the fans be getting noisy, the computer is blowing out hot air, or the computer is powering off then an internal inspection and repair is probably needed. Of course there are many other reasons why a computer may be overheating and we will diagnose and repair accordingly.

PC Hard Drive Upgrade

We store all kinds of files on our computers, Photographs, music, videos and documents. We also install programs or applications that help us use the computer for the things we want. The more you have, the more space you need to store it. The hard drive is where these things are stored, and the size of the hard drive is limited. If it’s becoming full you may notice slowdown, you may also be getting Windows messages telling you it is full, insufficient space, or that you are running out of space. We can upgrade your hard drive, giving you more space to do the things you want to do. Where we stand out from the rest is we will do this fast, inexpensive, and your data and photographs will still be there. Contrary to misinformation, you don’t need to lose anything!

PC Memory Upgrade

Your computer uses it’s RAM to store files and applications whilst they are in use. As we add run more applications or more intensive programs, Usable RAM will get less and less, leading to slowdown, or even failure of some programs. Of course every time you switch off your computer the RAM is again available at full size. Extra memory will allow you to run more intensive programs, or more programs at the same time. The main benefit to this is usually a noticeable increase in speed.

PC Power Supply Replacement

PC not powering up? It *could* be the power supply, of course we’ll test first to see if that is the fault, and if so can fit a new one the same day.

Forgot Password?

Set a password for your computer startup and forgotten it? We can recover or reset your Windows password the same day.

Other PC Issues

Whatever your problem is, with over 35 years of experience we can repair pretty much every fault with any PC. Give us a call or drop into the store.

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