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Back in the 1960’s was the real dawn of the internet, where scientists both in the UK and the USA worked to interconnect networks. The ARPAnet was initially designed for military use where redundancy was built in in case something ‘happened’ to one of the interconnects – It’s come a long way since then!

I first went online back in about 1987. Back then there were no browsers – everything was text based similar to ‘teletext’. By the 90’s we had browsers, and by 2002 we had ADSL here in the North East of the UK.

Now we have fibre – and connections currently of up to 80M download and 20M upload!

Over the years I’ve used many different providers, right from the days of dialup through ADSL and now onto fibre.

For over 5 years I’ve used Plusnet – and I’ve found them excellent as a provider, brilliant pricing – and on the rare occasion you may need to contact customer support – They speak and understand English and have a level of tech awareness that is sadly very rare from UK internet providers these days. Plusnet remind me of the smaller more tech savvy providers of the 90’s.

It’s well worth checking our their prices and plans. Should there be any further information you need give us a call here at Northumberland IT and we can talk through your requirements and give you real expert advice as well as set up your equipment for you.

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