PC Cleanup Service

Over time there are many reasons why a computer might run slower than it used to. A full computer clean-up without any loss of personal data will without  doubt make a huge difference and bring your machine back to full speed!

Much like your vehicle, your computer does need a service from time to time. We’ll give it a full MOT, correcting, repairing, or replacing anything hardware or software than needs attention.

Beware of amateurs who says these checks or clean-ups can be done in ‘under an hour’, you’ll already know that even a basic virus scan you can run yourself will take longer than an hour – and that’s without running any other scans or checks to your system! Unless you’re prepared to be host for a day, bring it to a real workshop and get the job done right!

Our proven multi-point MOT checks far exceed ANY other companies in Northumberland. Not just running off the shelf software, but in-house developed software and decades of real IT experience, resolving any issues you may be having. With over 50 separate checks we will fix all computer problems. Checking your hardware and software to a professional level and fixing ALL issues you may be having now and helping to prevent future problems.

Desktop PCs’ or all makes of Laptops catered for:

  • Computer unresponsive, freezing or simply slow to load or start?
  • Computer locked by malicious programs (Police warnings etc)?
  • Websites crashing or sites not showing correctly?
  • Fake software warnings for virus, backup or errors?
  • Popups and ads showing on every page or in the bottom toolbar?
  • Toolbars appearing when using the internet?
  • Security errors?
  • Malware / Spyware / adware / viruses / trojans?

Our list of computer faults we fix is truly unlimited… Regardless of the problems – ALL fixed – Properly!

Worried about your data and photographs?

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had to do data recovery after other ‘technicians’ have ‘fixed’ or ‘cleaned’ computers,

With Northumberland IT your data will be safe: files, photographs, documents and personal data. We’ll return it faster and with FREE security and cleanup software.

Simply drop your computer at our shop at a convenient time and then get on with your day – we’ll keep you updated by call or text or you can call us or pop in at any time for an update.

Guaranteed to have your computer running faster: Clients frequently comment that they’re even faster than when new!

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