Forgotten Password Reset Service

Windows Logon Password ScreenForgotten your Windows password on your laptop or PC?

So login details for so many things in the modern world mean that from time to time we may forget the password we set up ‘years ago’.

Standard advice used to be ‘don’t write down your passwords’ but today we’re advising people to do exactly this and store them in a locked safe or drawer. Remembering 10’s or sometimes hundreds of passwords can prove difficult.


So you’ve forgot the logon details that you used and need access to your computer?

Standard charge for password reset or recovery is only £25 and usually recovered within the hour.

Wherever possible we will recover the details, and tell you what they are. Other times we may need to reset the login and give you a new one.

Not using Windows? Service also also available for Apple Computers as well as Linux Laptops and Desktops.

* Note that email passwords are different and recovery can be more difficult unless the account was set up correctly in the beginning.

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