Internet/Network/Wifi Issues and problems

Network ports and cablesInternet and network problems can have many causes that affect us in many different ways. It could be that your browser isn’t working, your email gives errors, your router gives off a poor WiFi signal or your ISP is having problems. We will diagnose and choose the appropriate course of action in order to fix the problem fully.

Much of the time these problems are caused by other programs or viruses messing up the network settings, the result being a computer that can no longer connect to the internet or with intermittent connectivity. As with all our checks we are extremely thorough, not only fixing the problem, but advising on what caused it as well as removing the cause. The result is always a faster more stable connection.

If the problem is across all of your devices then it is likely we would need to call out in order to diagnose accordingly.

  • Installation of your router and network card
  • Set up and configure your wireless broadband connection
  • Fix website or e-mail problems.
  • Optimise your connection settings so you obtain the fastest connection and downloads.
  • Remove any malware or viruses that effect your internet or network.
  • Long range WiFi site to site links.

Whatever the issue is, there’s always a way to resolve it, and often it just takes a quick phonecall to us.

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