Computer Upgrade Service Available

upgradeAs technology moves forward it’s not always necessary to buy a new PC. In many cases you can get a few more years out of your computer by updating the components.

Computers from the larger retailers often come with low memory, low-end processors and smaller hard drives. To you this means a slow system which progressively gets slower. Although they’d prefer you to buy a new computer every year, you don’t have to!


memory-150x150Memory Upgrade:

Our most sought after upgrade is memory or SSD, this will boost the speed of your computer very noticeably, allowing you to run larger programs, newer versions of windows, and a much more responsive, user friendly experience. This is probably the most cost effective hardware upgrade and far cheaper than a new computer!



harddrive-150x150Hard drive upgrade:

Especially with modern media capabilities of computers, we can quickly fill up drive space with photographs, music and videos. If your computer drive is running out of space, we can fit a new, faster and bigger harddrive. We’ll retain all of your data, your programs and your settings.



processor-150x150Processor Upgrade:

Many systems can have the CPU upgraded, meaning your computer can do more in less time. Like having your old 1L engine replaced with a 3L… Running much faster! Indeed many of the computers purchased new might be similar specifications as your current model – with just a faster CPU.


Computer Service

Of course there is always our much talked about ‘Computer Service’ or ‘MOT’. Where we check your full system, hardware and software in our fully equipped workshop, cleaning out anything that causes the computer to run slow. Running MUCH faster than before and in many cases running even faster than when it was new! Available on it’s own or discounted when purchased with the above hardware upgrades.

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