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Woman and computerComputers are great when they’re working, but things can go wrong, and if they do we’re here to help with our full range of Laptop and PC repair services:

October 2018 Urgent: Some users are reporting that the recent update to windows 1809 has deleted some of their files, Microsoft are advising that you call them, the UK number is 0344 800 2400. Early advise would be to check if any documents or pictures are missing, and if so shut down the computer as this will help in a data recovery scenario. We can help you recover your files providing the area of the drive has not been overwritten.

If your files are intact then the advise from Microsoft appears to be that you are good to go. Microsoft have subsequently removed this update and only a small number of people have so far installed it.

  • Computer won’t turn on, even if there are no lights or sound on the laptop or desktop PC, bring it to us for a repair quote.

  • Boot loop – You switch on your computer and it decides to restart in a continuous loop.

  • Bluescreen – if you’re here, you’ve probably seen this. The reasons are many – but it can be fixed, often the same day.

  • Computer starts, but shows a blank screen or just a mouse pointer.

  • PC or Laptop shows an error message soon after switching on or errors on the windows login screen where you would usually enter your password.

  • Computer shuts down, locks up or freezes whilst in use. Typically this can be a sign of PC overheating. Not something you should ignore as further damage can quicky occur.

  • Computer making a lot of noise, whirring, beeping or clicking. Not something you should ignore as this is a sign of internal components struggling.

  • Windows not opening webpages or displaying errors. Including errors about certificates on secure websites like your email or banking. Typically this can be a sign of malicious software or a virus on your computer.

  • Laptop screen broken – Laptop screens are fragile and easily broken. Sometimes the actual crack is not visible, but you can tell from the image that there is a problem. Subject to stock we can often replace laptop screens the same day.

  • Laptop keyboard not working – We can replace the keyboard or individual keys can be attached.

  • Laptop not charging – This could be the charger or the laptop socket itself. We can replace the charger or diagnose and replace the power connector or charging circuitry.

  • Computer virus – We are experts in the field of virus removal and malware removal.

  • Data transfer service. We can transfer your data and settings from your old PC to your new PC or laptop.

  • Upgrade to Windows 10 – Even if you tried to upgrade already but something failed we’ll figure out why and help you get upgraded to the latest (and the best) Windows yet.

  • Downgrade to your original Windows – Installed Windows 10 but don’t like it? Firstly I’d say call us and have a chat, Windows 10 really is good once you get into it, but if all else fails, we can downgrade you back to the Windows you had previously.

  • Make windows 8 usable! The vast majority of users are not impressed with windows 8. We can get you a start menu, and do away with the general annoyances that windows 8 brings – Making your computer more user friendly.

  • New computer setup. Setting up a new computer can be a daunting task, we will ensure that all of your hardware is connected and working, printer set up, internet is working and your email is set up ready to use. We can also recommend free antivirus products that will ensure you of improved security. Don’t forget that many of the larger retailers simply employ salesmen, who from our experience know very little about computers or IT!

  • Memory upgrade. As programs get larger, more complicated, or you’re running a lot of them, a memory upgrade is an inexpensive option you should definitely consider.

  • Hard drive upgrade. Running out of space for programs and files? We can fit a new harddrive and retain all of your programs and settings. Up to 3TB (3000GB) are available at time of writing.

  • SSD upgrade. Solid State Drives are faster than regular hard drives but are also more expensive. Should you consider this option, give us a call for current prices as the hardware cost changes often.

  • Computer speedup & Computer cleanup. Just like a car, a regular service is important. Using the most thorough diagnostic tools, we’ll inspect all hardware, software and cleanup your operating system. You’ll be surprised how fast your computer can be, and in many cases it’s actually faster than when it was new!

Whatever your problem, and regardless of the computer make or operating system environment:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10

  • Windows 10

  • Chrome / Chromebook

  • Apple Mac OSx

  • Linux (Ubuntu/Debian etc)

The list doesn’t end there. With over 30 years of experience we’ve seen a lot, and continue to learn on a daily basis. However complex your computer issue is, give us a call or call into our computer centre.

Computer repair is our business, We thrive on the changes in technology and keep well ahead in every emerging field. Regardless of your issue or needs we can help.

Northumberland IT Computer Services offer hardware and software repairs services for Laptop and PC computers. With over 30 years of IT experience we get the fault fixed right first time.

Whatever your computer problem you need fixed, we can help! Our competent technicians will resolve the issue and your PC will remains fixed with none of the ‘reoccurring’ problems you may be used to elsewhere!

We offer free in store estimates, high quality repairs with quality parts at affordable prices.  We can promise your computer or PC stable and a 100% functioning system after our thorough repair service without losing your data, photographs etc.

Our technicians always offer you the best possible level of customer service, explain any issues and resolutions in terms you’ll easily understand, putting you the customer first every time.

Drop your machine in to our Bedlington computer repair shop for a free estimate, and by far the most value for money service available in Northumberland.

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