Hard Drive Data Recovery

Should you find your computer is not working or your files are missing, in over 90% of cases our data recovery procedure can recover documents, data and photographs even from an apparently dead computer or external drive.

With decades of experience in recovery from hard drives, floppy drives, external drives or memory sticks we have a proven record of expertise.

Had a repair done elsewhere and they’ve lost your data? Regularly we see systems where Inexperienced ‘technicians’ have previously offered a repair where you’ve lost all of your data, documents and photographs. We can likely get all or most of your data back!

Broken USB memory stick

Broken USB memory stick

Regular drives in laptops, desktops or servers as well as broken USB memory sticks.

We can replace the repaired files back onto your drive should it be physically 100% intact, an external or replacement drive, DVD or USB memory sticks (dependent on quantity of data).

It is always advisable to not use the drive or power the device if you suspect data loss, and time can be critical in these situations. Once a drive fault develops it can quickly degrade into a disaster situation.

We’ll also offer advice on the importance of regular backups of your important data, preferably to an external drive but possibly also to cloud storage.

Call us or drop in to our Northumberland Computer Shop for further details.

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