Laptop Repair

At Northumberland IT we can repair and upgrade a wide range of laptop brands. Unlike other places we repair them in store, meaning that your repair is done faster, cheaper, and is more personal. A friendly knowledgeable technician is always on hand should you have any questions or simply require advice.

Although in many ways a Windows laptop is the same as a Windows desktop, there are some major differences with the internals:

Hard-drive check or repair

Laptops, by their very nature tend to be moved around. The hard drive inside (which stores your files/data and Windows OS) is susceptible to damage via knocks, drops, and to some extent even from vibration. It’s worth looking after, keeping your data and photos safe. Our checks will ensure that your drive is in perfect working condition, or if it’s not we will offer you the chance to replace the drive, without losing your files, apps, programs or settings.

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Screens are also fragile, as many of you will already know. We can of course replace the screen, and most screen repairs are completed the same day. More Info


Another common issue we see with laptops are heat problems. Over time heat will damage internal components. Some of the components will ‘shut down’ the laptop if they get too hot, but from experience I’d always advise to figure out why it’s heating up. A common cause would be a blocked fan internally, but much of the time we find it is a software issue, a virus, or malware that is taking over the laptop, pushing it to the extremes and in doing so the CPU will be generating heat.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Laptop complaining that there isn’t much space left? We can fit a larger hard drive, keeping your photos. documents and data as well as your Windows version intact.

Memory Upgrade

Your computer uses it’s RAM to store files and applications whilst they are in use. As we add run more applications or more intensive programs, Usable RAM will get less and less, leading to slowdown, or even failure of some programs. Of course every time you switch off your computer the RAM is again available at full size. Extra memory will allow you to run more intensive programs, or more programs at the same time. The main benefit to this is usually a noticeable increase in speed.

Power socket repair

Should your laptop not be charging and we have ruled out the power supply as being the issue, the most likely cause would be the socket itself. If you’re not sure, drop in to the store where we can diagnose correctly and offer you the solution you need.

Laptop Power Supply

Laptop not charging? Check all cables leading from the laptop to the wall outlet, sometimes they’re just loose. However, should you find that it’s not charging, it could be the power supply itself has failed. Of course we’d always recommend we give the laptop a quick once over to rule out any other problems that may be stopping it from charging.

Other Laptop Issues

Whatever your problem is, with over 35 years of experience we can repair every fault. Give us a call or drop into the store.

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