Cyber Security for home or business

Today many of us rely on online services, internet enabled devices and cloud storage. Cyber Security has never been more important than it is today.

We often find that clients are using inadequate antivirus, perhaps having listened to non-experienced retail staff at point of purchase where the clerk has only recommended it based on a cash incentive for themselves or their company. Many of todays viruses target personal data, with the long term coal of theft or blackmail, some are more malicious.

Many businesses also have inadequate firewall protection, leaving their network and internet connected systems wide open to intrusion, theft of data, loss of data or blackmail. Often we find that they have equipment supposed to provide security that really is about as useful as a paper bag (if it’s even connected).

We can offer support and advuce to home and business users with regard to cyber secure best practices, as well as providing customised firewall solutions, giving you a far more secure system than anything ‘off the shelf’ could ever provide.

Call the experts or come to our office where we can advise or arrange a meeting and really customise the best security practices that are right for you or your business.

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