Melvin Robson

5 / 5
Thank you so much for your excellent help in retrieving those most important files/images/photobooks, from my older i-Mac and subsequently managing to transfer these files onto my new i-Mac. I remain totally impressed with your depth of knowledge and expertise in this area and feel absolutely certain that there cannot be many people in this area who would have been up to the task. I am now looking forward to being able to finish the original photobook, (Square Routes 2), which has been stored on the older Mac for some time. In retrospect, only last Friday, I made the right decision in initially contacting you by telephone , and I am of course, highly delighted with the end result. Thanks, once again, and to finish, I have, of course, every reason to recommend your services to any of my friends who might also have to deal with a software compatibility problem requiring a solution.

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