Angie Hunt Cramlington

5 / 5


I have been using this computer support shop for 3/4 years (perhaps longer). Steve is always full of helpful advice when you have any computer problems. With friendly service, fast resolution of problems and queries and reasonable prices, why would I go anywhere else?

Angie Hunt Cramlington




A rapid service by a knowledgeable technician who takes the time to understand your needs.
Very cheap for the amount of work which would have been involved.
Extremely pleased with theservice they helped us out in our hour of need.




I have always had good service and advice from Steve. Whenever I had a problem, either with my laptop or desktop I knew I would save time and trouble by going to Northumberland Computer Services. Highly recommended



Found Excellent, professional, knowledgeable

a real gem. Excellent, professional and knowledgeable service, helped along with a friendly and reassuring smile. Will certainly use again. Highly recommended.




Took my laptop along to Steve, which he was able to speed up. Talked to him about getting a desktop, which he then sourced for me and helped get it set up.
The whole thing has been a really good experience. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Melvin Robson

5 / 5


Excellent/outstanding and recommended should you need help with your computer problems.

Melvin Robson

5 / 5

Thank you so much for your excellent help in retrieving those most important files/images/photobooks, from my older i-Mac and subsequently managing to transfer these files onto my new i-Mac. I remain totally impressed with your depth of knowledge and expertise in this area and feel absolutely certain that there cannot be many people in this area who would have been up to the task. I am now looking forward to being able to finish the original photobook, (Square Routes 2), which has been stored on the older Mac for some time.

In retrospect, only last Friday, I made the right decision in initially contacting you by telephone , and I am of course, highly delighted with the end result.

Thanks, once again, and to finish, I have, of course, every reason to recommend your services to any of my friends who might also have to deal with a software compatibility problem requiring a solution.


5 / 5

Pressure damage to the screen of my laptop.

Contacted Steve about my laptop. Very friendly on the phone, took it down and he said he could sort it. Took it down at 1pm and had it all mended by 4pm. So relieved as it was a present and wouldn’t like to explain I had broken it. Steve was very quick to sort it. I will definately be recommending him to others.

Maia from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea


My usb totally snapped and I thought I’d lost everything.

This guy got all my folders back (everything). All my pictures and videos are back too.

Bill from Bedlington

5 / 5

I took my slow-running laptop to this establishment recently,and left it with the owner of the business,a real canny joker of a lad called Steve.

He gave me a deadline,and kept to it,had my laptop up and running went I went to collect it,it was spot-on!

He had freed up a lot of space by clearing old junk files out,and servicing the machine.[it was so full I couldn’t download a single music file!!]

Now it’s running great!

Steve is a cracking dude to be getting along with,and within five minutes you feel like you have known him all your life!![you know the sort of guy  that comes over like that…very rarely!]

He followed his service up by P.M. later in the week just to make sure that everything was o’k,and said that if I need any advice,just call in to his shop,or contact him by mail or text.

I would recommend his services to anybody that has I.T. problems!!

Mind,in between seeing to me,he had a steady stream of customers coming in,all on first-name terms,and he treated them all the same,i.e. with a friendly smile and joking all the time…..I don’t know how he does it!![and it’s genuine….no pussy-footing with this big lad!!]

This what we need more of in Bedlington,the way it used to be in the old days,when it was a smaller pit community,and lots of folks knew each other,smaller shops,with a natter and a smile from the staff!

Thanks Steve,for a great service!